Just in Time Production
Speaker: Karl Busche

Now more than ever, just in time production is crucial. Join Karl Busche, Merchandising Manager at Knott's Berry Farm, as he talks about the importance of “Just in Time Production,” and how to use its methods to pivot your retail business since the pandemic changed everything.
Speaker: Karl Busche

Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce, refers to the buying or selling of goods or services over the internet. Join Karl Busche, Merchandising Manager at Knott’s Berry Farm, as he discusses the opportunities of incorporating ecommerce into your business model. You'll learn about a wide range of topics from e-commerce and the new world, understanding how people reach and engage with your website, the breakdown and importance of e-commerce and more!

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Made in America
Speaker: Karl Busche

Join Karl Busche, Merchandise Manager of Knott's Berry Farm, as he discusses the importance of Made in America products in your store. Join this live session to ask questions in real time and learn more about products that are Made in America.
Sustainability in Retail
Speakers: Tommy Brown & Jerry Wheeler

Sustainability is the ability to exist in a constant manner now and into the future. The goal of sustainability is to reach a point of homeostasis between health, economics, development, resources and biospheres. Sustainability is a journey along a path that is constantly changing, it is up to you to create a framework that speaks to your stakeholders. Join Tommy Brown, St. Louis Zoo, and Jerry Wheeler, Kastlfel, as they discuss sustainability within the industry from the buyer and manufacturer standpoint.
Trends: New and Now
Speaker: Lilly Stamets

The pandemic has changed the way business is conducted. Retail’s success has always been determined by trends. Anticipating customer behavior is the predictor of economic success. This session will inform what consumer behavior is now and how it translates to new in the retail arena. We will answer questions and show examples to questions such as:
How do we inspire customer “high touch” in a “low touch” retail climate? What challenges now have turned into new opportunities? Where are the Sweet Spots and Silver Linings?
It is with a focus on products and services that retailers inspire the shift in our customers lives. Digital communication has catapulted us into virtual viability. From healthcare virtual visits to virtual work in showrooms and trade shows. Buying and Selling has changed: Buying and Selling is now Social. Social Selling is conducted over Facebook, Instagram, Zoom and is growing in popularity. America’s favorite pastime is shopping. We see it more now than ever. Join us for an informative, energetic and practical focus on how retail has adapted now and continues to adapt to the new customer behavior.